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Who is a man of the Eighth Day

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The last question I would like to raise before the course actually starts – who is a man of the Eighth Day? What kind of person should be a man of the 8th Day of Creation, unlike known to us people of the 7th Day that is coming to an end? What rules and standards should I prepare for if I hope to pass into this future?

Of course, these questions will become clearer throughout the course, because that is what we are going to tell you: how the 8th Day “works” and how people live in it. Now we will give only a brief description, the summarized definition of the essence. But even this definition is enough to get a general idea of the man of the 8th Day.

To answer we will use the seven-level model, which was discussed in the previous chapter.

At first, we will formulate as briefly as possible. Man of the 8th Day is:

   7    A metaphysical man: having a metaphysical mission
   6    A thinking man
   5    A man who formulates
   4    A man in a dialogue
   3    A man who organizes
   2    A creative man
   1    A physical man: flesh and blood

If we combine the symmetrical levels of the menorah, we obtain the following wordings:

  7 / 1   A man consciously acting for an idea
  6 / 2   A man having a system of values and imagery system
  5 / 3   A man of his word and action
4 A man who cooperates with God

And now a more detailed table:

 №  Level Characteristics of the man of the 8th Day
7 Idea, purpose, meaning A man who sees the purpose of life beyond his life
6 System, structure A man who has a system of values, but he is open to complication of thought and development
5 Plan, program A man who doesn't accept the imposed rules, patterns, paradigms but formulates them
4 Dialogue, time A man who seeks a constant dialogue with himself, with humanity, with the World and with God
3 Resources, energy exchange A man who directs his efforts towards the development of the World because he is interested in the development of his potential
2 State, image A man who is ready to create a new reality, feeling the incompatibility with the current reality of the 7th Day
1 Actions, experience A man who works, changing himself, his lifestyle, the world around

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